With mobile phones remaining one of the biggest factors in road accidents, it’s only natural to get frustrated with other drivers who refuse to go hands-free.

Even those of us who’d freely admit to using a phone while driving often feel that rising wave of righteous indignation as you spot another road user who’s decided to put your life at risk by selfishly yacking into their phone.

The situation is worse for vulnerable road users like bikers, so its no surprise to see the rider in the video below expressing his contempt for the BMW driver having a quick chat at the lights.


Rather than admit his mistake and accept his dressing down, the BMW driver takes things to a new level – casually waiting for the lights to change and the traffic to get back up to speed, before casually side-swiping the man off his bike, sending him crashing to the floor surrounded by bits of his shattered ride.

While the biker was undoubtedly rather abrupt in chastising the BMW driver, being left for dead is rather an extreme escalation of a situation that could have been defused with a simple (polite) hand gesture.

Los Angeles police are currently searching for the driver of the BMW, but are yet to track him down.

Tony Carter

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