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In recent years I’ve been investing slowly in better riding gear and I’d kitted myself out completely, or so I thought. The only thing I’ve never considered buying was a back protector, until now. Just look at all the racers, they all wear them – so I decided that I’d step up my level of protection and get one.

I’ve got a pair of Knox Handroid gloves and love them, so thought Knox would be a good place to start – after all if their back protectors are half as good as their gloves I’m onto a winner.

They know what they’re talking about and I was sure after doing some research that the Knox protector would keep me safe if I needed it to – it’s CE certified to the motorcycle back protector standard EN1621-2:2014 level 2 and passes  both the high and low temperature tests (+40c and -20c).



The Aegis back protector is designed to be worn under your jacket/leathers and has a ‘plate’ design – I’m 6ft3” so the handy sizing guide online suggested that I went for the 9-plate – the biggest one they do – they go right down to a four plate.



The plastic plates slide over the shock absorbing honeycomb structure to ensure maximum coverage – this movement means you can bend and stretch easily.

Putting it on for the first time felt strange but once I’d got it on, the elastic straps adjusted to the right length and the waist belt fastened up snug; I was surprised at how comfortable it was.


Wearing the back protector under my one-piece feels natural and it moves freely however, I found that crossing the shoulder straps in front of my body slightly more comfortable which brings me on to the x-fit fastening system. This is simply the connection for the shoulder straps and you can have them across the body in an X shape or straight from your shoulders to your waist, this is a great feature as it accommodates different body shapes and sizes.


It had kidney pads for additional protection in vulnerable areas. I like that it’s all part of the same ‘unit’ as it means it’s easy and simple to stay protected.

I’ve done hundreds of miles in the protector and it’s quickly become part of my usual riding kit. Its comfy, it’s slim under my leathers and it breathes – thanks to the ventilation system and breathable material used – so I don’t look like I’ve been swimming when I get home. To sum up, I think I’ve made the right decision and Knox hasn’t disappointed.

So, Leon has given the Knox Aegis a big thumbs up...

So, Leon has given the Knox Aegis a big thumbs up…

Tony Carter

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