Now here’s something you might not know (well, you won’t because we’ve just made it up) but today, June 19, is International Streethawk appreciation day.


So to mark this most auspicious occassion, we’ve decided to put this 10 minute-long video of some of the best bits of the 1980s TV series on MoreBikes.

If you don’t love, love, love Streethawk then something’s wrong. There is nothing to not like here, it’s even got George Clooney as the bad boy getaway driver in a Dodge Charger going toe-to-toe with Jessie Mach on Streethawk! And there’s jumps, wheelies, skids and a remote visor opening system.

It’s awesome. And if anyone knows who owns Streethawk these days then can you let us know (especially so if they want to sell the bike). Thanks.


Da, da, da, da…. da, da, da, da, da…. da, da, da, da… da, da, da, da, da…..


Tony Carter

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