New racetrack on its way! In Norway! Honest!




There’s a new racetrack proposed that looks like a mega-site and it’s going to happen in Norway.

Fjord Motorpark in Karmøy has been designed by Dromo and was presented to the Norwegian government yesterday. Jarno Zaffelli from the Dromo Italian Applied Circuit Design company said:

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“Today at Dromo we are very pleased to announce the completion of the Vision Plan phase. Fjord Motopark is now alive more than ever, with a clear vision of what it could be built inside the property boundaries.
“With a footprint around 60 Ha, our design team was able to fit all the activities planned, with permanent facilities at highest safety international levels to satisfy from trackday enthusiasts to expert racers of every known motorsport on the planet. And more. With a direct link with the Haugesund International Airport, Fjord Motopark will be a reference of integration, sustainability and efficiency in the worldwide panorama of motorsport venues homologated both FIA and FIM, including area from the athletics to the general aviation, from the training center to the commercial area.
“The main track could be configured in 4 different loops with a total length of 3300 m, 14 to 23 corners with a minimum width of 10 meters, an elevation difference of more than 30 meters and a main straight of 400 meters that will allow maximum speed over 280 Kph.”


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