The wind-powered motorcycle!


So, we’re Ok when the world runs out of fossils fuels because this is a completely wind-powered motorcycle!

A finalist in the James Dyson (him of the vacuum fame) awards, the Strange World Motorcycle is designed by Alistair McInnes.

Here’s what his report presentation about the motorcycle says:


An ‘energy in and energy out’ wind powered motorcycle, designed for a 2050 Australian climate.

The main task is a development of ‘future transport’ that can address the prerequisites in a 2050 predicted environment, fuelling a vehicle and it’s user with all the actors necessary for a comfortable and relaxing journey. I have been drawn towards the development of a post fossil fuel motorcycle. The design for a ‘renewable energy’ motorcycle has to address two major problems surrounding tourism travel in Australia; the vast environment Australia has to be traversed, and how to supply the means. The chameleon-like manoeuvrability of a motorcycle in today’s society, lends itself to the environments of 2050, and the hostilities that may arrive in this new age.

My personal connection with this project dates to when I was riding a rented motorcycle through Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland, in late 2013. In the middle of Glencoe I stopped as a thought hit me, in some years’ time there will be no way for me, or others, to enjoy a recreational ride like this, thus I envisioned a motorcycle design that would allow for people to travel for leisure, when fuel is no longer an option.


The design solution was initiated by recognising the problems, once I singled out the major actors; I progressed by creative ideation and market consultation. The journey of the wind powered motorcycle was accelerated with engineering consolidation, progressive styling and further user consultation, to achieve the project outcome. There were three developed iterations, which filtered into one solid direction. Utilising Japanese and American custom motorcycle styling methods, the project progressed at a comfortable rate. The hybrid charging system was a marriage of two concept developments, wind and solar. The project has yet to be commercialised, but was prototyped in the same methods that would be used for mass or micro manufacture.


The Strangeworld Motorcycle exists as a self-sustaining vehicle, utilising a hybrid system of kinetic wind power and photovoltaic battery charging, stored within the motorcycle body. The system unfolds like a tent and can charge when the traveller is stationary. The main problems were the variable reliance of renewable energy, and the vast space that is Australia, thus the hybrid system was my solution, to not rely on one form of renewable energy harvest.

Tony Carter

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