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By Leon Rose and Tony Carter 


Honda is planning to bring back two-strokes with a clean-burning, fuel-injected, all-new screamer engine.

Patents have just been published that show the side and front elevation of a new two-stroke engine from the big H.

On the drawing above, tagged with the numbers 71, 70 and 74 can be seen a fuel injection system. The unit is mounted low-down in the cylinder and angled upwards – this is so that the fuel ‘cone’ that is sprayed into the chamber as an atomised mist is launched over the second scavenger port in the cylinder.



Two Stroke 03



Because the fuel is sprayed so finely and can be directed into the chamber so accurately, plus be timed so expertly, the burn is very clean and efficient meaning that emissions are very low indeed. The fuel is used as a cooling element inside the cylinder to further increase overall engine efficiency.

Compared to the old two-stroke feed technology this is light-years ahead and clearly Honda is confident that is can build a modern, light and powerful two-stroke motor that will be compliant with various legislation around the world.


Honda! See this? Your NSR500. Yeah? Yeah! This is what we want for the road please. Cheers.

Our scoop has got us VERY worked up – Dear Honda, now will you please, please make that NSR500 for the road? That’s all we want. And we’ve been very good this year…

Two Stroke 02



Tony Carter

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