Supercharged Kwaker 02

Kawasaki has just published patents for this – another supercharged bike.

The patent is surprisingly sparce on details but what it does show is that this is a unit different in design to that used on the awesome H2R hyperbike.


Now, Kawasaki has made no secret of the fact that this supercharging tech is likely to appear on other bikes at some point in the future, and in the last few months on MoreBikes we’ve brought you secret plans by Honda and Suzuki for supercharged, smaller capacity motorcycles as part of 2016 and 2017 ranges by the firms.

Supercharged Kwaker 03

The Kawasaki patent certainly seems to fall into the same category as the smaller bikes from the other factories that we know are coming, the drawings show the supercharger bolted into something pretty sporty, but the illustration has been kept deliberately vague so as not to tip the nod about exactly what’s coming.


It’s only a rumour, and to be honest with you we’re really not sure how much stock we’re putting into it at the moment, but we keep being told whispers about a supercharged sporty middleweight coming in 2016. This might (might) be it. There’s no denying the fact that Kawasaki HAS just published another supercharger patent for a new bike that’s on its way.

Anyone out there fancy a supercharged ZX6R? Yeah, so do we.

Here’s more images from the patent.


Supercharged Kwaker 04

Supercharged Kwaker 01

Tony Carter

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