Now THAT’S what you call a headline!

Friends of Russian Premier Vladimir Putin , the biking group The Night Wolves, are putting on a huge motorcycle show this Friday night in annexed Crimea – the show will tell the story of World War II in an attempt to ‘educate’ according to the gang’s leader, Alexander Zaldostanov.


Zaldostanov (pictured below with Putin), better known as The Surgeon, is masterminding the show which will happen on land outside Sevastopol in Crimea. Reports also have the motorcycling gang being gifted a huge piece of land in Moscow within which they can carry out their business.


Zaldostanov said: “In Soviet times, the army was a distant, faraway thing, but now we all feel closer to the army. The army is being romanticised and I see that as a good thing.


“If we don’t educate our own children then America will do it for us… like we have seen in Ukraine.”

The running order for this year’s show with extravagant bike stunts and huge, synchronised set pieces, is being kept secret but there are reports that it will involve a recreation of the Soviet victory in the second world war, known as the Great Patriotic War in Russia.

To that end, the trailer video for the show (below) begins with footage of a speech by Adolf Hitler (yipes…), before showing stunts and scenes from previous Night Wolves shows. The gang has also got a T-34 tank from the war museum in Volgograd to also use in the show. Here’s the, quite frankly, bizarre trailer:

Tony Carter

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