Here’s the scoop in Indian’s 2016 model range across the firm’s cruisers, baggers and tourers. Indian has just sent this to us for MoreBikes to show us what is mostly the new colours etc for the models.

Here’s what Indian says itself:



2016 Scout
There has been huge demand for this middle-weight cruiser in the EMEA region. With its compact design, low 643mm seat height and ABS as standard, the Indian Scout is the perfect multipurpose bike for any rider. Its liquid-cooled 1133cc V-twin engine has a usable 100hp of performance and a sound that will bring a smile to your face every time you ride.

For 2016 the Scout comes in five colours.


Wildfire Red – NEW
Thunder Black
Thunder Black Smoke
Silver Smoke
Indian Motorcycle Red


2016 Chief Dark Horse | Chief Classic | Chief Vintage | Chieftain
For 2016, Indian Motorcycle continues to sell its award-winning Indian Chief models, delivering the power, handling, unmatched engineering and stunning beauty of the industry’s hottest heavyweight cruisers and baggers.


The Indian Chief family has impeccable styling and sophisticated performance. The proven Thunder Stroke 111 engine powers them all (an air-cooled version is on the Chief Dark Horse, Classic and Vintage), but each model has its own character and style.

Riders can opt for the Chief Classic (cruiser) with its classic looks, much cleaner now following some re-work carried out for 2016: solo vinyl seat, black switches, single headlight and cast aluminium wheels. It now also only comes in one colour; Pearl White.

Next there’s the Chief Vintage (bagger) with its beautiful fringed leather saddlebags and seats, and quick-release windshield (all as standard) making this the option for those who plan to ride on extended road trips. Four colours are available with one of these being new for 2016.

The Chieftain (bagger) has a large fairing with a power-adjustable windscreen (to offer superb cruising comfort), genuine leather seats and hard saddlebags with remote central-locking. It’s available in four colours in 2016 with two of these new.

Finally there’s the Chief Dark Horse. This is the most striking cruiser on the market. It is matte black from end-to-end with only a few flashes of chrome (accessories are available to fully blacken it out). This bike makes a statement even before you fire it up. It looks intimidating, but its low seat height and balance makes it very easy to swing a leg over and ride, plus it’s the best entry point to ride a Thunder Stroke 111 powered Indian Motorcycle. Propelled by 139Nm of torque and the same chassis and suspension from the award-winning Chief Classic, the Chief Dark Horse rolls with ABS, a remote key fob for keyless ignition and electronic cruise control.

The colour options for all of the Chief models this year are:


Chief Classic      

Pearl White – NEW

55dc40f4d2051 (1)

Chief Vintage

Star Silver and Thunder Black – NEW
Thunder Black
Indian Motorcycle Red
Willow Green and Ivory Cream



Silver Smoke – NEW
Star Silver and Thunder Black – NEW
Thunder Black
Indian Motorcycle Red

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Chief Dark Horse

Thunder Black Smoke



2016 Roadmaster
The Roadmaster is the industry’s most luxurious American touring motorcycle and is the epitome of comfort for long distance cruising. With the peace-of-mind reliability of the Thunder Stroke 111 engine and 143 litres of premium storage space, the industry’s leading touring bike delivers luxury features like a power-adjustable windscreen, heated grips, dual-heated genuine leather seats, ABS, tyre pressure monitoring system, keyless ignition with remote locking storage, electronic cruise control, an advanced infotainment system and Bluetooth capability for the ultimate in connectivity.

The Roadmaster is available in five colour options with three of these new:

Storm Grey and Thunder Black – NEW
Blue Diamond – NEW
Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream – NEW
Thunder Black
Indian Motorcycle Red / Ivory Cream


Prices for all are yet to be announced, when we get them we’ll post them on here.


Tony Carter

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