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I am one of those bikers that has to carry something every day. Oh, and having two spinal discs fused together means I can only carry light weights on my back. So I need a smallish, but versatile luggage solution that attaches to the bike.

The Held Speedy tailpack has been my saviour for more than a year. It has a base 12 litre capacity, but will expand to 18 litres (enough to carry a helmet). It is 100% nylon and feels a little flimsy, but in use has been fine.


DSCF7088 DSCF7089


The fixing system is simple; two straps go under the saddle in a criss-cross formation, then bayonet clip to the tailpack. They need adjusting from time to time to ensure the tail pack does not move from side to side. That said, when packing the Speedy, it is best to ensure heavier items are packed first. Packing like a girl, i.e. carefully (and just taking the one pair of trainers and jeans) you could pack enough t-shirts, undies and socks to accompany to (just) handle a week away.













It comes with a waterproof cover (that looks like an oversized shower cap!), but I was never convinced this would stay on in windy conditions and consigned it to the bin. In practice, I cannot recall water ever getting inside… and I use the Speedy in all conditions.

A useful feature is the little external pocket. This is probably intended for mobile phone/wallet/documents. But I find it is perfect for stashing my Oxford Junior disc lock.


For anyone with a decent sized pillion seat – especially with a rear grab-handle – the Held Speedy won’t slip. But on my VT750S, the pillion perch is built for Barbie, meaning the Speedy slides backwards. My wife came up with a simple solution: a Velcro strip slid through the rodeo strap on the saddle, then through the carry-handle on the Speedy ensures it stays in place.

When off the bike, it features a carry handle (as mentioned above), but would benefit from a carry strap that could clip to the existing points. But this is a minor point; the Held Speedy has proven itself in a variety of conditions, day after day.


By Bob Pickett




Tony Carter

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