Michael Carrick, head of the Circuit of Wales, has hit back at critics. Following news the Welsh Deputy Minister for Farming & Food is “Mindful to grant” the circuit’s application to deregister common land needed, Carrick took the chance to take critics to task.

“First it’s that we’re not going to get planning consent, then it’s were going to lose interest, then it’s we’re not going to get approval on the deregistration, then we’re not going to get Dorna to come, then we’re not going to get a world class contractor to deliver; I think we’re a little bit tired of people putting up constant negative criticism about what we’re going to do and deliver in this project”  said Carrick to the BBC.

The £315 million project has been beset with delays – meaning the first  (and second) years of their 5-year  MotoGP deal are hosted by Silverstone with CoW footing the bill – but Carrick says building work will start before the end of the year with the circuit expected to be ready for 2017.

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Tony Carter

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