SCOOP Kawasaki Ninja S2 image unveiled!

Here’s another picture of the Kawasaki Ninja S2 – the mini H2 supercharged 650 coming from the Japanese firm. The image is another from Japanese journalists who are getting into a right lather over the bike that promises 1000cc-type power and 650-type mpg with the smaller bike’s lack of weight.


We first told you about this bike back in July when we brought you these patent drawings we uncovered (below). In these you can see the bike that the system is fitted to and the engine showing clearly that this was a layout for a new motorcycle with a different supercharged unit to the hyperbike H2 ans H2R that have already swept the headlines around the world over the past year.

Supercharged-Kwaker-02 Supercharged-Kwaker-04

Expect this bike to be part of the company’s line-up for 2016 – and we’ve been told that this mini-H2, the S2, is going to be seen at the prestigious Tokyo Motor Show at the end of October.


How very exciting.

Tony Carter

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