2016 Zero Motorcycles range revealed.

Electric bike manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has released details of the new 2016 models in the US, including a 67bhp dual-sport machine. There are two new models and technical updates across the line.


All new bikes feature internal 120-volt chargers, Showa suspension, J-Juan brakes, Pirelli tyres and Bosch ABS.

New this year is the Charge Tank above the main battery array, which allows use of the popular J1772 charging plug.

2016 Zero bikes:


Motocross-style Zero FX and a more street-oriented Zero FXS (instead of the 21/18-inch wheels the FX uses, the FXS has street-ready 17-inch wheels).

Dual-sport Zero DS and the higher performance Zero DSR, with a more powerful engine (67bhp compared to the 54bhp of the base model) and a higher-capacity controller.

Roadster-styled Zero S and Zero SR.


2016_zero-fxs_studio_rp_1800x1200_rgb 2016_zero-fxs_action-04_1800x1200_rgb 2016_zero-dsr_studio_ra_1800x1200_rgb 2016_zero-dsr_detail_charge-tank_1800x1200_rgb 2016_zero-dsr_action-10_1800x1200_rgb 2016_zero_fx_fxr_1800x1200_rgb 2016_zero_ds_dsr_1800x1200_rgb

Tony Carter

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