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VIDEO: Weird visor propeller anti-rain system ACTUALLY WORKS!

OK, now we think we know what you’re thinking about this… but honestly, watch the video below. This is German and it’s called the Watroprop.


Over the years we’ve seen loads of this sort of thing and back in the 1960s you could buy a see-thru spinning disc that was mounted on the front of a visor that apparently cleared rain and road gunge away by spinning quickly as you rode. Effectively you’re looking through two visors with one of them moving…

That didn’t work. But – and we’ve got to stress this – BEAR WITH US AND WATCH THE VIDEO – amazingly, this bit of propeller-based kit actually does the business. Yep, we couldn’t believe it either but really, it does. Watch the video.

It’s crazy-looking and we’re not sure we’d ride with this because it looks daft, but it actually works.


Watch the video (we might have already said that, but do watch it). And pay attention to the night-time bit of the video. Sheesh! Best video we’ve seen today.


Tony Carter

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