Tokyo Motor Show SCOOP: Kawasaki shows new supercharged engine (and what will become the S2 in a sketch).


Months ago we brought you the first look at a raft of new supercharger patents from Kawasaki and said how these were going to be used in future bikes ranging from big tourers to everyday sporty commuters. Well, at today’s opening day of the Tokyo Motor Show the Japanese factory backed up those drawings with a new type of supercharger and what looks like a very finished sketch for a motorcycle which bears an incredibly close resemblance to the patent S2 drawings.

balanced-supercharged-engine-1 balanced-supercharged-engine-2 balanced-supercharged-engine-3

The supercharger is different to the one currently in use on the H2 and H2R hyperbikes in that it has electronically-controlled flaps in the air intake system. These open and close in response to the amount of throttle called up so that the optimum amount of air is sucked in, this keeps fuel economy as good as possible. Kawasaki is calling this the ‘Balanced Supercharged Engine’.


balanced-supercharged-engine-detail-1 balanced-supercharged-engine-detail-2 balanced-supercharged-engine-detail-3

Labelled the SC 01, the concept drawing didn’t point towards any specific engine size or any specific details of the bike but Japanese sources say that this is indeed the S2 motorcycle which will be a 650cc engine with the new supercharger fitted. The model is expected to debut in the firm’s 2017 range. Kawasaki did say that this concept bike was a machine: “With softer more luxurious materials chosen over the hard-edged performance focused approach of the Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R, the flowing lines suggest a machine suitable for all day, long distance enjoyment and comfort.”

Here’s more of what Kawasaki said about the bike: “Putting a name to a long-established design philosophy, President of Kawasaki’s Motorcycle and Engineering Company Mr Kenji Tomida unveiled the Rideology strategy highlighting the three guiding principles behind the process which governs the core design parameters of  Kawasaki past, present and future models commenting;


“Firstly the need for machines to possess power and grace, secondly Kawasaki motorcycles should continue to be fun and rewarding to ride and, thirdly, the ongoing reliance on the skills within the entire Kawasaki Group harnessing cutting edge technology to enrich the lives of people worldwide”.

Tony Carter

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