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Tokyo Motor Show SCOOP: Yamaha’s three-wheeler in more detail, 850cc three-cylinder motor in ‘sport riding’ weirdness.

Here’s Yamaha’s tilting three-wheeler concept machine in much more detail, it was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show today.



Called the MWT-9 (although it has a cute name of ‘Cornering Master’) the bike has an MT-09-based 850cc triple. It’s 3,900mm long, 1,720mm wide amd weighs 750kg.

Yamaha says that it has pitched the idea at the sport riding sector so this ‘Leaning Multi-Wheel’ bike is more about full-on cornering fun than ploddy commuting or touring (those last few words are ours, not theirs).

2015TMS_LMW_MWT-9_Concept_008 2015TMS_LMW_MWT-9_Concept_002 2015TMS_LMW_MWT-9_Concept_004

Tony Carter

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