Tokyo Motor Show SCOOP: Suzuki bikes from GSX concept to powered bicycle

Suzuki is showcasing an impressive selection of concept and production motorcycles at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Suzuki will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020 and the theme for it’s booth at the show is “Suzuki next 100”. We’re not convinced that the vision stretches quite 100 years in the future, but the bikes on display are impressive.


Here is what Suzuki is showing us and how it describes the bikes:

HUSTLER SCOOT: easy to ride; a versatile luggage carrier; the fun kind of scooter that ought to exist

  • The HUSTLER SCOOT is a concept model of a rider-friendly 50cc scooter with luggage space for diverse purposes.
  • A conventional underseat luggage bay is complemented by a removable, carryable luggage case that mounts between the rider’s feet. There’s more room for luggage on the rear carrier and on the sides of the bodywork.
  • With the luggage case removed, the HUSTLER SCOOT can carry longer luggage items such as a tennis racket.
  • The HUSTLER SCOOT has the same kind of fun-inspiring personality as the HUSTLER automobile, so it has the same kind of pop-art colouring.

Concept GSX: a concept object that encapsulates the potential of the GSX series



  • Suzuki’s powerful, rider-friendly inline-four engines deliver an outstanding combination of fuel economy and endurance. Their technologies are reflected in numerous GSX-series models including the GSX-R1000, the Hayabusa, and the GSX-S1000.
  • The concept GSX symbolizes the high-performance bikes that bear the GSX name. It gives form to Suzuki’s sportbike-making spirit and evokes a cocoon from which the company’s future sportbike models will be born

Feel Free Go!: the fun of an easy ride on a cross bike with a 50cc engine



  • The Feel Free Go! is Suzuki’s vision of an engine-powered cross bike that combines casual styling with the fun of an easy ride.
  • Simple features including a twist shifter and a saddle-type seat help to make the Feel Free Go! as enjoyable to ride as a cross bike.
  • Rider confidence is boosted by a rearview display in the meter and by a system that highlights the bike’s presence by projecting a beam of light onto the road surface.
  • The Feel Free Go! name is rooted in a hope that people will jump on and ride, and it evokes Suzuki’s first motorcycle, the Power Free.

GSX-RR: the MotoGP machine that’s making Suzuki production bikes even better


  • Suzuki has been developing the GSX-RR since 2012 with a view to making a strong showing in MotoGP (the premier motorcycle racing world championship) and transferring the new technologies to the GSX-R series and other production bikes.
  • A slim layout allows the kind of uncompromised handling stability that Suzuki has honed over the years with GSX-R production bikes. It’s combined with a newly developed inline-four engine to create an impressive MotoGP contender.
  • Suzuki made a full-fledged return to MotoGP competition in the 2015 season and has since been thrilling spectators with outstanding performance.

GSX-R1000 ABS 30th Anniversary Model: a celebration of a legendary heritage


  • Suzuki created this model as part of celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the iconic GSX-R series of supersport bikes, which began in 1985 with the original GSX-R750.
  • In markets outside Japan (mainly Europe and North America), Suzuki is offering the GSX-R600, GSX-R750, and GSX-R1000 with two 30th-anniversary colour schemes (blue and white; and red and black) and 30th-anniversary tank decals.

GIXXER: a street sportbike with great looks, great performance, and great fuel economy


  • The GIXXER is a 150cc street sportbike that Suzuki launched in India in August 2014. It has won 13 Indian bike-of-the-year awards. It occupies a position at the high end of Suzuki’s Indian-produced lineup.
  • A stylish design that evokes Suzuki’s big naked models combines with a newly developed 155cm3 engine that delivers great acceleration and superior fuel economy.
  • A light, highly rigid frame and front forks with 41mm inner tubes contribute to outstanding handling.
Tony Carter

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