VIDEO: Sena launches noise-cancelling smart helmet

Sena Technologies, known for its Bluetooth communication and camera technology for motorcycle use, has unveiled its first ‘smart helmet’ designed to cancel wind noise.

The idea is to use ‘live wind noise’ to set white noise levels which are then pumped into speakers in side the helmet at the exact frequency needed to nullify the noise generated around the helmet.


Here’s a quick video explaining how it works:

The helmet features what Sena calls Intelligent Noise Control (INC) technology that actively controls the loud and damaging noises associated with riding. According to the company the new helmet can greatly reduce wind-noise and damage to riders’ hearing.

When the noise-cancelling system is switched on the helmet uses four networked microphones to measure noise. The ear cups then use sound waves to essentially cancel out the wind noise. Sena claims that the system will cancel out wind noise, but not important noises like RPMs, sirens or horns.


There is also a clever ambient mode, which allows the microphones to pick up more noise from outside so you can hear people speaking. Handy when you stop for petrol.

The carbon-fibre helmet will be available in five colour options, all featuring ample front and rear vents along with an EPS foam interior and an adjustable multi-zone foam pad system. The padding is removable, washable, and features an adjustable head-liner and cheek pads made of soft Cool-Quick Dry fabric.

The helmet also comes with an optional built-in Bluetooth communication module, which allows for up to 12 hours of talk time and comes with built-in FM radio that can last for 8–10 hours.


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Tony Carter

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