Roadtec 01 action

Metzeler has launched a new sports touring tyre, the Roadtec 01.

Metzeler calls this a sports touring tyre developed to offer class leading levels of grip in all weather conditions, perfect for sports touring, naked/sports bikes and adventure machines. The manufacturer also promises high-mileage and consistent ‘wear’ as well as stability at high speed and with the bike fully loaded.


The Roadtec 01 is the successor to the Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ although it has been developed from a completely new set of criteria, hence its all-new 01 designation.

The tyre features a totally redesigned tread pattern. Specifically the front tyre has grooves that are more transversal with respect to the rolling direction of the tyre. This has made it possible to increase the ‘mechanical grip’ on slippery surfaces and in different riding situations.

The contact area with the tarmac is now wider and shorter and new innovative compounds have been developed for the more diverse needs of the different categories of motorcyclists. The dual-compound rear solutions, with 100% silica on the shoulders and 70% silica mixed with carbon black in the central band of the tread, ensure mileage and grip in the most varied conditions of use. The 100% silica front tyres ensure great safety while braking, in particular on wet surfaces and those with ‘low friction’. The 0-degree steel belt together with the Interact™ technology improve stability and comfort, and guarantee predictable and precise behaviour.


Roadtec 01 static

A Heavy Weight Motorcycles (HWM) version is available, offering greater stability for heavyweight Tourers used with luggage. The greater stability is achieved using a two-ply casing on the rear tyres (while the standard version uses a single ply). The front version of the HWM is two-ply like the standard version but uses a more rigid casing and flank material and with the use of a different compound which besides silica uses an additional filler.

Finally, Metzeler have added 2 new pairs to the range, allowing riders of Adventure bikes who only ride on the tarmac, to benefit from Metzeler’s very latest street technology.


The ethos of the tyre is to enjoy or ‘take the road’ so to this end the tyre will be featured at ‘48 Hours on The Road’, a non-stop marathon of the best motorbike travel films from the New York Motorcycle Film Festival. The event will be held at the Deus Leica Theatre of the Milanese Deus ex Machina flagship store in Milan 7PM. on November 16 and end 48 hours later.

The tyres will be available from January in all major sizes.

Roadtec 01 set- studio

New sports touring tyre from Metzeler

Tony Carter

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