Whoa. Now THIS is what you call an engine! And it does 211mph. And it sounds like Thor, the God of Thunder, shouting at the moon whilst gargling with spanners. You get the idea…


This is the Aurora Hellfire OZ26, a 2,575cc liquid-cooled DOHC V8 with 4-valves-per-cylinder. At 9,500rpm the huge motor kicks out 417bhp, while the 235lb-ft of torque comes in at 7,000rpm.

The OZ26 comes from Vincent Messina, an Australian engineer who has worked with both superbikes and sidecars. Based in Thailand, Messina says he’s looking for funds so that a limited run of these behemoths can be built.

aurora-hellfire-oz26-v8-bike-packs-417-hp-and-319-nm-and-nothing-else-matters-photo-gallery_1 aurora-hellfire-oz26-v8-bike-packs-417-hp-and-319-nm-and-nothing-else-matters-photo-gallery_17 aurora-hellfire-oz26-v8-bike-packs-417-hp-and-319-nm-and-nothing-else-matters-photo-gallery_20


Tim Cameron’s design uses a Hossack front suspension and Ohlins rear shock set-up and there’s a raft of electronics including ride-by-wire, 10-lever traction control, riding modes (sport, touring, wet, and custom), a 5-speed transmission that can be operated by foot or bar buttons and Brembo GP4RX four-piston radial set of brakes with carbon-ceramic rotors.

According to Messina, the 265kg bike can hit 211mph. Yikes.

Here’s a couple of videos that’ll brighten up your day. We’d love to ride this thing. What do you think? Fancy it too? Turn the sound up LOUD for the dyno runs… trust us… worth it…










SCOOP: The 417bhp, 235lb-ft, 211mph Aurora Hellfire V8 with frikin’ AWESOME VIDEO

Tony Carter

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