Hit-and-run drink driver ‘Carlos the Jackal’ has curfew relaxed to take mum to see Jools Holland

The Mirror reports that Carl Jane, a 31-year-old plumber, who was nicknamed ‘Carlos the Jackal’ after he left a motorcyclist for dead in a hit-and-run drink drive incident in October, has had his curfew relaxed so he can attend a Jools Holland concert with his mother.


After the hit-and-run incident Carl, who admitted drink driving and failing to stop after an accident, was spared jail but electronically tagged and given a four month curfew, between 7pm and 5.30am, seven days a week.

According to the Mirror he was given a ‘day off’ from his electronic tag so he can take mum Susan, 59, to see Jools Holland perform with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. He will also be able to spend Christmas Day with his mother without having to wear the monitoring device on his ankle. The reason for the decision was that the tickets had been booked before the incident, in February and the curfew would mean he would miss the gig.

Jane was almost three times the limit when he ploughed his Toyota Aygo into chef Max Endicott as the victim was riding home from work. He then sped off onto the night leaving 34-year old Mr Endicott lying in the street with a broken wrist and broken ankle.


Mr Endicott needed metal plates in his arm and suffered various impact injuries across his body. Three months after the crash he is still off work.

Mr Endicott said: ”I’ve heard of soft justice but this decision just takes the biscuit.

“This guy didn’t even stop when he hit me and he was drunk at the time.


“Some might say he was lucky not to go to jail but the fact he is then let off to go to a concert beggars belief.

”Everyone makes mistakes but not to stop after a road crash is unforgivable. I really don’t know how anyone can do that.

“Then to have the nerve to ask for a day off from his curfew to go on a nice night out is a disgrace.

“If those magistrates knew what I had been through and what his actions led to they would surely have thought twice.

“I was fit and healthy before the accident, I loved going to the gym and riding my motorbike.

“I had never even broken a bone before but this accident has ruined my life. It’s affected my relationship with my girlfriend and I can’t work.

“If they thought that a curfew was the correct sentence then why change it. Isn’t it supposed to be a punishment?

“He hit me so hard that he could have killed me.

“I certainly believe that if I hadn’t been so fit and strong that he would have killed me. All of the doctors I’ve met have said I’m lucky to be alive – yet he still gets his nice night out.

”It’s not right. It just shows that sometimes in this country the legal system really is ridiculous.”



Tony Carter

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