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Having wet and cold feet can put you off riding in winter quicker than a set of speed cameras popping up around your favourite bends. With boots, it’s the same as with other gear; they have to be waterproof, breathable and warm enough to make winter riding fun. But how do you know which ones to choose from the hundreds of options? Here are our top three tips to keep your feet dry and warm:

1. What kind of boots to choose

Generally speaking, adventure or touring-style boots tend to be warmer than city or sports boots. They usually offer better water protection too as they’re designed for longer journeys with different weather conditions in mind.

We would always recommend using boots that have been designed fir riding a bike with proper protection. In winter, you will also need weather protection for your feet, so trainers are a definite no-no.


X-Tour Evo GTX

2. Keeping your feet dry

Most boots will keep your feet dry for a little while, but for properly waterproofed boots look for something with Gore-Tex or a similar breathable waterproof lining. Boots like this will be more expensive, but they will keep your feet dryer.

If your boots are not fully waterproof and you don’t want to buy new ones, one option is waterproof socks, such as Sealskinz. They will keep your feet dry even if the boots leak like a sieve and they’re cheaper than buying new boots.


You could also go for waterproof boot covers (motorcycling equivalent of galoshes – remember them?). These offer weather protection on the outside of your boots which means that the boot will stay dry, but they are an additional item to carry around.

X-Boulevard Lady Waterproof

3. Secret to warm feet

Squeezing an extra pair of woolly socks in on the cold days helps, and wiggling your toes every now and again keeps the blood flowing to the extremities.


However, it’s important that you are warm all over; if your core is warm, your feet will more than likely be fine too, so make sure you layer up and have decent winter jacket and trousers too.

One option to consider is a bit of electric assistance in the form of heated socks. You can read more about heated gear in the next kit guide.

Sidi Armada Gore

We have lots of boots reviews on the site too. Have a look.

Tony Carter

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