An importer in Indonesia has left part of a manifest form open for long enough to get photographed, and it shows a new code name for a top-end version of the 2016 Fireblade.

On the order form – placed on December 30 – the bike is called the CBR10. We’ve been told that this is not a reference to a small capacity bike but it does relate to a new, large capacity model that’s coming.


Yep, there’s not much more to go on other than this – but it makes sense if the ‘other’ CBR was to carry a different codename in the range. Last October MoreBikes was the first to tell you about the ‘other’ CBR that is coming for 2016, a super Blade designed with much more tech and brought out to compete with the likes of the Yamaha R1M and the Kawasaki ZX-10R. We were also first to bring you the news that Honda had trademarked the RVF name once again (which, is a little confusing now that CBR10 has emerged).

There’s no getting away from the fact that Honda has trademarked the RVF name, or that this importer has made a manifest for a CBR10. So what could this mean? Well, we’ve been told that the Fireblade as a basic model will stay pretty much the same for later this year, there will then be a ‘super Blade’ – this could be the CBR10 to take on the ZX-10R. As for the RVF, this could well end up as the cheaper RCV213V-S that we also first revealed Honda’s plans for last October.

Phew, so that could mean four versions of what is known as a Honda superbike for 2016; the basic Blade, the ‘super’ Blade CBR10, the RVF (cheaper RCV) and then the ultra-rare MotoGP bike-for-the-road RCV213V-S.


We’ve not got any more on this CBR10. Once we get anything, we’ll shout about it.








SCOOP: Order details for new Blade hint at new name for Honda’s updated superbike

Tony Carter

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