So the RCV213V-S is the MotoGP racer for the road, yep, we know this much. But as it’s coming along in such limited numbers (a couple of hundred-ish is all that the world’s going to get), it’s worth noting the huge amount of human effort that goes into putting this sort of motorcycle exotica together.

Thank the video shooter then for this bit of video from Honda Hong Kong. Loads of highly skilled bike builders doing their stuff. It’s a worthy bit of footage for the bike geek in you to properly get giddy over.


We love the chassis jig that holds the frame parts ready for welding, the metal shaping for the headstocka dn the whole flippin’ attention to detail across the whole thing.

Hope you like it too.

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難得的公開片段每一個製作工序由人手進行價値連城的HONDA RC213V-S(資料由m-bike.jp轉載)

Opublikowany przez Honda Chun Kee Motor 燦基電單車行 Sobota, 9 stycznia 2016


Tony Carter

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