Spada aurora boots 

Tested by: Mikko Nieminen // RRP: £99.95 // Sizes: 37-47 // Colour: Black

My old boots were starting to fall apart last autumn, so a new pair was a must, and I’m genuinely impressed with these Spada Aurora boots. They are classed as ‘touring’ boots, but they make perfectly good all-round boots, suitable for any road use.


The boots are made from PU-coated leather*, they are water-resistant, and have moulded protectors in the heel, shin and ankle. The toe and heel have been reinforced to add protection.

The boots have reflective piping running down the outside of the calf to make the rider more visible in the dark. Every little helps.

A lot of boots can be a bit of a pain to get on and off, but these aren’t too bad, thanks to the long side zip that allows the boot to open all the way down. There’s also a stretchy panel at the back of the boot for added comfort.


The moulded gear change pad is a nice feature and stops the gear lever digging into the foot and damaging the boot. Useful if you have a manual bike.

Some motorcycle boots really aren’t made for walking, but these ones are quite comfortable off the bike as well as on it. The soles are fairly soft, which means that you can walk around in them without the clunk, clunk, clunk of hard sports boots.

My only issue with the boots is that the zip sometimes gets stuck and it is a bit of pain to get unstuck again (especially if you’re wearing gloves).


At the moment Spada is offering an extended two-year warranty if the product is registered online.


*PU or bicast leather is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane. This gives the surface a glossy look, which is easier to clean and maintain than pure leather, but it lacks the strength, breathability and durability of natural leather.

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