Check out the world’s first tattooed motorcycle – yep, that’ right, this bike isn’t painted but covered in cow-hide and then tattooed. And we’ve got a 14 minutes long documentary about it for you to watch for free.

Built by Poland-based motorcycle custom house, Game Over Cycles, this is called; Cheyenne Bike ‘The Recidivist’.



Based on a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail, the bike has been almost entirely tweaked and changed from the ground up with a huge amount of work going into it. The light tan cowhide used has been coloured up by two Polish tattoo studios; Individuum and Steel Will Tattoo-Factory.



It’s an impressive bit of film about the bike’s build, even if it is a bit ‘worthy’ and ‘metally’, watch the footage and see what we mean. Just don’t focus on the weird voice-over for it by a bloke with a blocked nose and heavy cold. The video is at the bottom of this page. Just click on the image to start it playing.

Cheyenne-Bike---The-Recidivist-(22) Cheyenne-Bike---The-Recidivist-(18) Cheyenne-Bike---The-Recidivist-(16) Cheyenne-Bike---The-Recidivist-(15)













VIDEO: Documentary on the world’s first tattooed motorcycle

Tony Carter

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