Ever wondered how the rest of the world sees us bikers?

Yeah? Well maybe you won’t be so curious after you’ve seen this cringe-making absolute gnat-faff piece of ‘reporting’ by an American news team for some sort of absolute pish called ‘TechCrunch’.

Apparently, this top-flight reporting team of – and we’re going to name them because they should be named… – Sarah Buhr, Lucas Matney and Katie Roof were reporting, yeah they’re calling this tripe ‘reporting’, from the recent CES tech show in America when they came across a ‘mot-ur-cycccllleee’.


Watch the footage. Cringe as you do. The stupidity. The dumb ass giggling. The whole ‘If I rode this I’d die’, ‘Yeah but I’d look good as I died’ absolute crap of this.

It’s a motorcycle. You’re on the stand. Stop giggling and go and ask someone about it if you don’t know enough to present on TV BEFORE you’re attempting to present live on TV. You absolute, giggling, morons.










VIDEO: dumbest reporters ever try to talk about a motorcycle on live broadcast


Tony Carter

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