VIDEO: Wheelieing on ice. On a Kawasaki H2. At 140mph. Yep.

Check out this homemade video of American Cecil “Bubba” Myers – man going for the world record for wheelieing a superbike on ice.


Yep, we thought the same. On ice. Myers, from Wisconsin, is using a Kawasaki H2 to go after the record set by Robert Gull, 128.56mph was the previous quickest speed set.

Myers has already unofficially broken that record – in practice runs he managed a best of 140mph – and is aiming to set an official record on the H2 on February 7 if weather and ice conditions allow.




Myers is is being helped by Ryan Suchanek, the original holder of the ice wheelie record. The H2 that Myers is riding is fitted with studded ice tyres.



During the attempt, the bike will be wheelied between two timing beams, set-up 100 metres apart. The motorcycle’s speed as it trips the beams is recorded, and an average speed reading is taken.

Here’s the video, stick with it and you’ll see Myers lofting the front wheel at 130mph!

Tony Carter

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