SCOOP: Kawasaki’s patents revealed for an ultra-weird future roadster with huge beak and wings (might be a turkey… might not…)




Kwak with Wings 05

Kawasaki has filed this whacky looking patent for some sort of midrange-capacity roadbike with a really weird front fairing and split aerodynamic wings to provide downforce on the front end.


The patent stays away from anything like specific engine sizes, instead focusing on the extended nose-cum sports-style beak (to channel air in a specific way around and down the front of the bike) and also concentrating on the two large wings that are bolted onto the fairing alongside where the radiator is positioned.

Kwak with Wings 02

Kwak with Wings 04


In the patent files the wings can clearly be seen identified as number 30 with the internal parts labelled 31 and 32. In some of the more detailed drawings you can see that the wings themselves are split into two separate wings with a larger unit at the bottom of the pair and a more angled, smaller wing mounted at a more radical upswept angle behind it.

The patent information says that each part of the wings (there are wings mounted on both sides of the fairing, like on the H2R superbike) parts the air around them in different ways to generate different levels of downforce at different speeds.

Kwak with Wings 01

Kwak with Wings 06

The extended front end looks very whacky though, as does the long swingarm and squat nature of the bike overall. The riding position appears to be quite relaxed though – so this could well be something like a weird future Versys with wings… possibly…

To be honest, we’ve not got a clue about this other than what we’ve learnt from the patent here. What do you reckon? See anything we’ve missed? Let us know if you have.

Kwak with Wings 03


Tony Carter

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