VIDEO: Kawasaki H2R racing against old superbikes in the rain… (yes, it’s awesome)

We like ourselves a good biking video at MoreBikes – and although it’s now a few years old, it doesn’t get much better than this. The video has been put online by the people who look after the Taste of Tsukuba race series in Japan, the series is basically a championship where old superbikes race with pukka race-kits fitted and on this outing a new Kawasaki H2R from the Trick Star race shop was allowed to take part.

The conditions are properly wet and the track looks very tricky indeed but it’s a good race with some awesome onboard footage from a GPZ1000RX as it chases down the 300+bhp white superbike.

Well worth a watch and if you’re ever after proof that older superbikes can still cut the mustard then this pretty much proves the point!


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