The Tourance Next enduro street tyres from Metzeler, have been announced as original equipment on the new Triumph Tiger Explorer with 120/70 R19 M/C 60V TL front and 170/60 R17 M/C 72V TL rear.

The tyres from the German manufacturer are said to have excellent grip in the wet and achieve high mileage and exceptional stability.


tiger explorer

Here’s the official word from Metzeler:

The Tourance™ Next enduro street tyres from METZELER, were chosen as original equipment on the new Triumph Tiger Explorer with 120/70 R19 M/C 60V TL front and 170/60 R17 M/C 72V TL rear.


The TOURANCE™ Next is the third generation of the TOURANCE™ range and was specifically designed for latest generation street enduro and adventure touring bikes.

TOURANCE™ Next sets the new standard for the segment in terms of:

 –  grip on wet roads as well as in terms of safety thanks to the compounds developed for the front and rear which work in synergy with new grooves arranged optimally on the tread. This tyre can therefore guarantee excellent grip in the wet, conveying a sensation of total safety to the rider in any condition, even when the asphalt is dirty and slippery.


–  high mileage: the combination and interaction of the tread and the innovative compounds results in significantly improved even wear and a consequent increase in mileage.

 –  first rate stability, because the structure and profiles of the TOURANCE™ Next were developed for latest generation Enduro Street bikes, placing particular emphasis on guaranteeing stability even at high speeds with a top box mounted and a passenger riding on the back.

 As for the compounds, the TOURANCE™ Next boasts a configuration which differs from front to back, taken from the experience gained with the ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ (winner of many international comparative tests) and the sport touring segment, concentrating on increasing two main characteristics: performance in the wet and mileage. In order to obtain the best possible performance in the wet, with particular attention to critical riding situations such as braking on wet surfaces, grip in the wet and emergency braking, Metzeler engineers used silica with high performance synthetic polymers together with new resins and plasticiser agents. This combination of ultra-high technology polymers was the decisive step toward obtaining this new generation of compounds which are at the top of the category in terms of performance, achieved through our exclusive and patented blending process. These compounds obtain an extremely high level of uniform dispersion of the components in the polymeric matrix.

 Specifically, the rear sizes of the TOURANCE™ Next use a dual compound solution with a variable width central section in order to completely cover the tread area while riding in a straight line and it has a balanced silica content, specifically developed to optimise mileage and stability, even at high speeds, fully loaded and riding two up.

The shoulder compound has a high silica percentage, capable of guaranteeing excellent chemical grip in the wet and reducing slippage in any conditions. This begins to come into play as soon as the trajectory changes from a straight line to a lean, conveying great riding confidence to the rider.

The front tyre, on the other hand, is single compound with a high silica content and it boasts various types of polymers and resins which provide significant improvements in terms of manoeuvrability and grip. Quick warm up and grip in the dry are guaranteed by the new polymers and compounds structure developed through a new blending process.

Where the structure is concerned, on the front, the TOURANCE™ Next implements a highly rigid innovative structure. The recent evolution of materials and fibres has also made it possible to use an “X” belt (instead of the 0° steel belt) with a new geometry that guarantees the effect of a much more powerful side push in leans, as well as greater trajectory precision, all to the benefit of improved manoeuvrability and greater stability in a straight line. On the rear, on the other hand, TOURANCE™ Next uses the already well known INTERACTTM technology arranged in three variable tension areas.

INTERACTTM technology, thanks to its variable tensioning, is what allows two compounds which are so very different from one another to be combined, with all the benefits that stem from this, with the traditional progressive performance which originally characterised the METZELER INTERACTM range products.

The profiles were developed together with the structure with the specific purpose of improving performance on asphalt, touring, even wear, mileage, comfort and interaction with ABS braking systems and suspension systems.

The profile in the central area is more rounded in the half-lean area and flatter toward the centre. Together with the highly rigid structure, this provides a wider and shorter tread surface which reduces the abrasion of the compound and therefore increases mileage.

The side, on the other hand, has a more accentuated profile that is supported by the more rigid internal structure and is able to better absorb bumps in the asphalt. This favours riding comfort and optimises interaction with the ABS and braking system.

 Last but not least, the tread pattern was designed with the goal of improving wear, and consequently mileage, especially on the front, acting on the geometry of the grooves to better distribute the stress. The main characteristics of the tread are:

The central grooves that serve a dual purpose: to provide off-road traction and efficient water drainage on the road

The side grooves take on the role of the central ones when the bike is in a lean

The intermediate grooves provide lateral support when the bike is in a leaned position both on the road and off and they are extremely efficient for water drainage.

The diagonal grooves ensure correct water drainage and traction at any lean angle.

The bridges between the grooves provide compactness to the entire tread pattern, increasing the stability of the compound and improving wear. Thanks to these bridges there are no more isolated compound blocks and this results in a great advantage in terms of stability, wear and mileage.


Tony Carter

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