Kawasaki Supercharged 01

We’ve already told you several times about the Kawasaki Ninja R2 – the next supercharged motorcycle set to come from the Japanese factory, and now we’ve been sent these exclusive patent drawings of a (kind of) multi-point fuel injection system for the new bike.

Last week we revealed how the Japanese journalists hot on the story of the bike now believe it’s going to be a 600 instead of a lower-spec, rumoured H2R superbike. This week we’ve got these patent drawings which have just gone live that show the engine set-up with a secondary fuel injector.


Kawasaki Supercharged 02

Acting like a first-stage fuel feed, the newly-added injector (marked as IX in the illustration below) sits directly in the top of the air chamber which is fed from a supercharger system (42). That air is injected with fuel from the first, top-mounted injector (75a), the mix is drawn into the motor and then a secondary injector (49) is used for an even bigger, more efficient bang.

Kawasaki Supercharged 03


Kawasaki is believed to be using the system as a way to deliver instant power when needed at different rev ranges on the bike. Open the throttle part way and only the lower injector would spray into the mix well inside the engine – crack the throttle fully open and the supercharger would spin-up, the top injector would mix the dense air with fuel and dump the load into the motor for more power.


Tony Carter

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