OK people, listen up – we’ve found this drawing buried deep (so, so deep) inside a Honda file registered for a front mudguard patent somewhere on this planet… but we haven’t got a bloody clue about exactly what this bike is.


And we need your help.

So here’s the relevant info. The description for the mudguard is pretty much standard – this hole here, that hole there kind of stuff – but it’s when we get on to the rest of the bike (which is described to a much lesser extent in the document) that things get interesting. A mudguard is not interesting. Nope. The rest is though.

That is really interesting to us bikey-lot.


In the description of the bike, Honda makes it clear that this is a V-twin and NOT a V-four, so any fantasy-bike ideas of this being an Adventure bike wrapped around the engine option for the upcoming ‘Super Fireblade’ can go right out of the window.

Also, there’s mention of the high-end front forks, no manufacturer’s details though (just in case it’s some weird team-up with a Chinese or out-of-Honda company) but it does say that this bike is getting upside-down (Outer Upper Tube for you pedants out there) forks on the large bike.

Ahhh… yes, we said ‘large’ but that’s a guess. There’s every chance that this could actually be a small bike (but would it be a small bike with such good forks?), is it really going to be a small bike in the real world? Look at the exhaust… that thing is tiny in comparison to the Dominator scoop that we brought you on Friday which, in turn, carries some family-resemblance to the latest Africa Twin… kind of.


The swingarm looks like a small-bike swingarm, but it could just be a basic bit of drawing for no other purpose than to hold the drawn back wheel in place… we don’t know if this has ANYTHING to do with what will actually be on this bike when it eventually appears.

It’s a weird one and we might have got a lot wrong here but what we absolutely DO know is that this IS a bike that’s coming from Honda and it DOES have a V-twin motor. And it IS Adventure stylee. And it DOES look like this.

Other than that, we dunno exactly what’s going on here. We had a sniff of this story and went digging, this is what we came up with and, yeah, it might be really early in its life, but it’s not so early that Honda doesn’t know what engine, fairing and forks the thing’s got.

So, over to you lot. Waddya reckon we got here then? What should it be called? What size should – or WILL – Honda make this bike? Let us know your thoughts and your input will allow us some peace from the early-bike, scooptastic turmoil we feel over this.





Tony Carter

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