Video: The three-second long police chase ends in biker fail.

2016-03-14 09_44_07-Shortest motorcycle chase ever - YouTube

It’s bad enough that he’s going to jail, but he also has to live with the shame of an internet biker fail. Police in Sandy Springs, Georgia USA, were recording on their dash cam when a motorcycle rider decided to run. But he made it an embarrassingly short distance. The police department posted the entire chase on their Facebook page, a chase that lasted mere seconds.


In the video you can see the motorcycle rider take off into traffic after the officer tried to pull him over for a missing license plate. The rider swerves through traffic then dumps the bike right in the middle of the street. He tries to pick the motorcycle up. But it’s just another epic fail. The officer cuffs him and takes him to jail.

Along with the video, Sandy Springs Police posted this message on Facebook:
Is not having a tag on your motorcycle worth taking a hard fall or would it be easier to just stop for the Sandy Springs Police officer behind you trying to get you to stop?? #‎JUSTSTOP?

Here’s the video:

Tony Carter

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