Suzuki’s SV650 Rally Concept: Q&A reveals possible future for cafe racer idea.



Last weekend, Suzuki showed off this SV650 Rally Concept bike on the factory stand in Osaka, Japan.

Details of the bike were scarce but the middleweight looked funky enough to get a lot of attention from the attending crowd.

Since then, we’ve been sent a Japanese Q&A with the Suzuki importer responsible for the bike to see what the idea was behind it. Here’s what the Suzuki man said about the Rally Concept, and from the questions dodged it seems as though we’re getting an official, fully-faired, new SV650 in the future:

  • What is the concept of this bike?

The product concept is “Café Racer x On Road Rally”. This is one of the street sports model.


  • Why go down the “Rally CONCEPT” model route?

We aim to build on Suzuki’s unique sporty neo-retro heritage by blending “pavement rally car in 1970s” and “café racer style” which combines both classic and sport style.


We emphasize the sporty image which the base model originally has and we want to keep the image of the bike as something to ride on both the tight winding roads and in towns too.


  • Where can I see the ‘rally’ part of this model?

We adopted fog lamps which are rare for an on-road model and this model also uses fog lamp covers like a rally car.


  • What do you pay particular attention to in terms of the styling and  design?

This is not really a sporty rocket-type cowl on the front of the bike but we wanted to provide a totally harmonious feeling between the bikini fairing and side cowl. We aimed for the top of the bodywork to look like a traditional rocket-type cowl.

And we adopted single seat cowl like a café racer.


  • Why do you adopt Japanese “Katakana”?

Japanese “Katakana” has been growing in popularity in Europe recently and young Japanese motorcyclists have been accepting Katakana as style of graphic design so we intend to take advantage of our Japanese brand’s strength. The custom model displayed in EICMA also adapted Katakana and it had good response there.


  • What does the number “3” of single seat cowl mean?

As with the previously named “SV650” models the number means something;

“1” means the first generation SV650 which adopted rounded aluminum truss frame.

“2” means the second generation SV650 which adopted square aluminum truss frame.

“3” means the third generation SV650 which was announced in EICMA 2016.


  • Do you have any plans to put SV650 Rally Concept on the market?

We have no plans to put this model on the market at present.

If this model has good response though, we will consider putting these accessories on sale so that a customer can put one of these bikes together like we have.

  • Why did Suzuki display this model if it has no plans to put it on the market?

The styling design of new SV650, which is the base model of this “Rally concept” is very simple.
This styling has received a good response from the market. But we also would like to show how it is easy to change the image of the model with small number of parts. This is one of our custom demonstrations for after a customer has purchased the new SV650.


  • How easy is it to modify the bike to be this “Rally concept?”

All equipped parts are bolt-on parts.


  • What parts are changed?

Quarter fairing, center cover, single seat cover and fog lamp cover are NOT mass production parts. Attachment stay for fairing is genuine part for SV650.

Clip on handlebars, upper bracket, front brake master cylinder, fog lamps, front fender, rear fender eliminator kit, mirror and headlight guard are available parts from the marketplace.

Brake lever and footrests are anodized and machining has been carried out on the clutch cover.

The “tack roll” seat is the same as the seat displayed on the EICMA special bike.


  • What’s the price for each aftermarket (or accessory) part?

    We cannot answer at this time.


  • Is the quarter fairing able to be equipped with standard handlebar?

Yes. The quarter fairing is also able to be equipped with standard handlebar.

  • Does Suzuki have plan to release SV650 with fairing?

We cannot answer at this time.




Tony Carter

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