Here is the official proof of the story we brought you last July – a supercharged Suzuki motor that looks like it’s going to be used in both a GSX-R750 AND a new, twin-piped GSX-R1000.

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It’s a set of patent drawings filed by Suzuki that we’ve got our hands on, and they show the motor design being supplemented by a motor-driven boosting system. Supercharging an engine like this is something that we’ve known Suzuki is actively pursuing for other models in the next-phase of its range like the Recursion 600cc modern cafe racer project and a 1400cc Hayabusa replacement, but this is the first time we’ve seen anything officially from Suzuki that includes the GSX-R range.


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Along with several views of the addition to the engine (look at Fig 8 and Fig 7 – both above – where the supercharger is identified as 532 and the intake tube is identified as 52) are two complete side-on details of motorcycles that this tech is going to be used on.


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The right hand side view of a bike clearly indicates a GSX-R750 which will have new intakes on the nose of the fairing to allow the huge rush of air needed into the compressor chamber. It makes sense for the 750 to come in for the supercharging process if others in the family are getting the power boost. Largely, the 750 and 600cc market has dropped off a cliff in terms of sales and supercharging the 750 will give the long-standing GSX-R the lift it needs (the 750 will always be a part of the Suzuki GSX-R line-up because of the lineage and history it has with the Japanese factory).


The other bike pictured, on the left hand side, in the patent is, largely, a GSX-R1000 but there is some school of thought that thinks that this might actually be a re-jigged Busa with much sportier bodywork than what we’ve seen before instead of the traditionally swoopy nose and tail section.

This seems unlikely though given what Suzuki has actually shown us in both model form and cagey-half-lit pictures over the last six months about where the Busa is going in its development – like this:


From those public displays of the future Busa we can pretty much assume that the new bike will share more than a passing nod to its predecessor in terms of looks and will keep that smooth-lined bodywork in whatever incarnation it ends up. It’s worth pointing out however that Japanese sources have recently agreed with what we’ve said about the Busa going on to be turbocharged and being 1400cc, so there’s a chance that this patent drawing of the left hand side of a bike might (we’re stressing ‘might’ here) well be how the new Busa ends up looking (but we’re guessing about this, to be honest with you).

So, for now lets discount the Busa theory as the option for this specific design drawing we have here which leaves us the only bike left in the range which is the GSX-R1000. On the drawing which shows the left hand side of the bike, the exhaust is clearly seen in full view. This means that either the pipe is switching to the other side of the motorcycle for when it’s released or the new GSX-R1000 is reverting to a two-pipe system as it had in  from 2007 to 2012 when the bike went back to the one-sided exhaust we still have now.



Chu-Chu 3

At the heart of these drawings though remains the motor (in the illustration above 541 is the supercharger fin, 542 is the intake). It’s the first time such things have appeared for the kingpin sportbike in Suzuki’s range and it’s clear confirmation that the GSX-R range is at least getting a supercharger system.


Tony Carter

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