Speed cameras? Ha! Where we’re going, we don’t NEED speed cameras! Gulp…


Electronics giant Bosch has said that it plans on connecting motorcycles to the Cloud storage system in the future. And there’s a reason why we should all be concerned…


In a document from the company that’s been sent to us at MoreBikes, the future plans of Bosch are outlined. Those include making £749 million from sales of motorcycle control ECUs and other measuring devices into the motorcycle market over the next few years and getting the new ABS 10 (a variant of the current ABS and rider-mode controlling system that has been made to specifically work on bikes made for emerging markets like in Asia, South America and Indian markets) onto most small-capacity bikes.

The company also goes on to say that its side view assist system is going to be on more bikes in the future and that its Integrated Connectivity Cluster (ICC) is a system that connects motorcycles and smartphones directly and can be used to operate specific apps in the near future. Bosch also says that that it’s Connectivity Control Unit (CCU) system will mean that in the future bikes will be connected to the Cloud directly and, in the event of an accident, will automatically call the emergency services and tell them the location of the fallen rider and machine. Bosch also says that CCU will also be able to be used to warn riders of upcoming trouble spots in the roads and even be able to track down a stolen motorcycle.

Called eCall, the system is not yet mandatory for motorcycles in the EU but from April 2018 it WILL be mandatory for all new type approvals for cars and light trucks up to 3.5 tonnes.


So with all that coming (let’s be realistic about this, if eCall is going on other vehicles it won’t be too long until it appears on motorcycles), how long until there’s no more speeding cameras by the side of the road – instead your own bike will dob you in to the police directly with a handy email containing all the evidence they need should you speed? It’ll be handy and quick for them and when you come back from a blast at the weekend your court summons will be already waiting for you in your inbox.


Tony Carter

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