Video: Shocking moment huge gravel truck unloads onto biker and pillion (everyone is OK, miraculously).

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This is the terrifying moment a motorcyclist and pillion in China were nearly crushed under a huge truck full of gravel.

Captured on CCTV cameras mounted above the junction, you can see the driver realise that the motorcycle was coming across the junction just in time and swerve violently to avoid an almost certainly fatal collision.

But although the truck missed the motorcyclist and pillion directly, the swerve was too much for the heavily-laden lorry and it rolls over dumping the gravel load onto the motorcyclist and pillion.


Amazingly, both survived. The motorcyclist is reported to have suffered some leg injuries, not believed to be severe, and the pillion was treated for comparatively minor cuts and bruises. The brilliant driver who managed to get the truck turned was unhurt in the crash according to reports in Chinese media.

Here’s the footage:





Tony Carter

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