Meet the Chinese R3 copy that’s gone up to 350cc and gets four silencers!


Check this out for the latest, probably most blatant copy we’ve seen coming out China yet.


No, it’s not a Yamaha R3 but a 350cc (we think) copy of the Japanese bike, another mystery bike is pictured alongside and that looks like another copy but this one is a 300 and has some serious-looking front brakes on it. The pictures of the doppleganger were taken by a punter called Bro Andri who was at the Canton Fair which is a trade show held in Guangzou, China.

There are no details at all about the site and our friends at the Indonesian outlet think that it’s 350cc also and are going pretty ga-ga over the four-silencer exhaust system, which to be far to them does look pretty sweet.

What do you reckon to this? If China sells this over here through selected dealers would you buy one (if it was cheap enough?), is it close enough to the R3 for you? Is it TOO close to the R3 for you?



Tony Carter

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