BMW reveals intelligent emergency call system for 2017 range. You crash, it auto-calls for help.


BMW has just announced a new emergency call system that will give motorcyclists a quick way to get help if they have an accident. The optional add-on, expected to be part of the 2017 line-up, can be manually activated or automatically triggered by a collision or fall, immediately sending a message to a BMW call center which can then contact emergency response personnel.


The BMW Intelligent Emergency Call system adds a small batch of controls to the right handlebar. The module includes a built-in speaker and microphone and a cover-protected emergency SOS button used for activating or cancelling a call. Communication is handled over a mobile phone network module which is installed on the motorcycle.


The tech is very similar to BMW’s eCall system, first introduced on its cars in 1999. Similar technology will be required on all cars in Europe by 2018.



The Intelligent Emergency Call system activates in three different scenarios, one manual and two automated. The manual option is pretty straightforward. Simply lift the module’s cover and press the red SOS button and the system will try to connect with BMW’s call center. Once the call is connected, an operator will try to help with the emergency.

The two automated scenarios trigger when lean angle and acceleration sensors detect an accident. If the sensor data suggests a serious accident occurred, the system immediately tries to connect to the call center. The operator will try to communicate with the rider and will summon emergency workers whether or not the rider is able to respond. For less serious accidents, like say, a low-speed collision, the automated call is delayed by 25 seconds, giving the rider the chance to cancel the call.




Tony Carter

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