Electrically-powered, luminescent paint that completely changes the colour of a vehicle, uses 40% less power than LEDs and can be applied to any paintable surface, is going to be launched tomorrow for use on motorcycles.

This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky crowd-funded hocus pocus either – this stuff works. And has already been shown on cars with the makers saying that they can now apply it to motorcycles.



The Autralian company LuminAuz has now painted a using its Electric Glow Paint. The set-up will be unveiled tomorrow (Saturday) in the Belconnen Mall in Canberra, Australia.

Here’s a video showing the tech used on cars so far:




It’s not cheap (the Kawasaki Vulcan in the pics would cost around £5k alone) but LuminAuz director Nick Hart says that the price varies depending on whether you want airbursh, hydrodip and transfers included.

Hart adds that the firm can even do a chameleon filter that changes colour depending on what angle it’s viewed at. Synchronised sequential patterns and even animations can be included on the bike and they’ll move even when the bike is being ridden.





Hart said: “The bike looks amazing glowing from black to a design popped out in the aqua green/blue when it lights up.

“To be able to paint with light requires a certain set of skills. Multiple layers must be absolutely perfect or there is a noticeable difference in the light.

“Tanks need a bit more attention as we put a liner in and double insulate it. So the tank process takes two weeks to get lit. The artwork lead time depends on the complexity.”


Apparently, the paint is less than 1mm thick when applied and is a water-based formula (so, no solvents).

We want out bikes painted in this. And race bikes. And some sort of night-time set of leathers too. Yep.


Tony Carter

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