The floodgates have opened in Japan with a flurry of information appearing about new bikes, confirmation of a lot of stories we brought you some time ago and a better idea of how specific models will end up looking.

Japanese magazine YoungMachine has commissioned these three drawings of future Kawasakis that we know are coming.

Here’s the 2017 Z900RS with funky split exhausts and seriously, round-edged headlight – this looks pretty cool to us:


YM Cover 02

And here’s the new naked that’s coming with a supercharger and various geometry changes. We’ve had the patent drawings for this bike and other than what you see here it’s pretty much a tweaked Er-6n but with styling points taken from the Z800 with the bolt-in engine bits to boost power – but the Japanese are saying that this bike is also going up in capacity to sit in the 800cc bracket:

YM Cover 03


And here’s how the Japanese sources tell the Japanese journalists that the Cafe Racer SC is going to look. This is the bike that we brought you halfway though last year. Think of it as a Vitpilen crossed with the concept drawings of the SC that Kawasaki revealed late last year.

YM Cover 04

Tony Carter

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