So where is Guy Martin? Because he’s NOT showing on the live tracking system for the Tour Divide mountain bike event in the USA.


OK, so there’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for this – like his tracking unit has broken, or he’s already completed it but hasn’t shown up on the results or he’s not started it yet or he’s been eaten by a bear (only joking, people… calm down…) but Guy Martin hasn’t yet appeared on the Tour Divide’s live tracker and a lot of riders have already racked up a few hundred miles along the punishing course.


There’s been no mention of Guy on any of his usual outlets with regard to the Tour, the massive mountain bike time trial that runs from the Canadian border down America to Helena, Montana, so this is a bit of a mystery at the moment. Yes, we realise that we might just be coming to the party late on this one, it might be common knowledge where Guy is right now, but we haven’t heard anything so if you know, can you let us know please?

On the event’s live tracker board you can clearly find all 182 riders and plot their movements via an updating rosta and a live map along the route – but Guy is not on either. Here’s a screen grab of the tracker list and you can see that Guy doesn’t appear in the G section (they start the entries by first name):

2016-06-15 14_47_38-Race Tracker _ Tour Divide


We’ve contacted the organisers of the event and asked them to clarify if Guy has already finished or is still about to start the course (it’s possible to ride the Tour outside of the main event dates which focus around the second weekend of June) but so far we’ve yet to hear back from them.

It’s a puzzle because Guy specifically missed this year’s Isle of Man TT races in order to take part in the Tour Divide event, so we’d like to know where he is. Once we hear, we’ll let you know. He’s probably half way through, knackered but pushing on and his tracker unit’s already busted up!

You can see the tracker list live here for yourself HERE





Tony Carter

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