Is Guy Martin racing under the alias Terry Smith? We’ve been told that he is. If that’s right then here’s how he’s going on the Tour Divide!



Yesterday we asked the question: Where is Guy Martin? after the live tracking for the punishing Tour Divide mountain bike race through America showed no sign of the housewife’s favourite – well last night we were told that Guy IS competing in the event and he’s doing it under the fake name Terry Smith!

Now, we can’t be sure if this is accurate but for the sake of plotting the sideburned pedal pusher let’s say that – for the moment – it is. Here’s what we know about the entry from Terry Smith in the event (and, if it’s not Guy, then Terry is going to get a nice bit of free publicity through this, so it’s all good…).

Guy Martin, BMW Test Almeria March 2015
Is this man now to be known as Terry Smith? Tezza? T-dog? Umm…

Terry is listed as British (tick), he’s doing an individual time trial on the Tour (tick) his target finish time is 20 days (blimey) and his age is 34 (tick).

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Here’s Terry’s/Guy’s recent history on the Tour, looks like pretty tough going:

2016-06-16 08_29_52-Terry_Smith - Tour Divide 2016 individual history by

You can have a look for yourself and see how Terry/Guy is doing. Actually, you might not agree that this IS Guy under an alias. Have a look at the Tour’s live tracking system HERE

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So we’ll try to get confirmation from the organisers about whether this actually is Guy or not, it’d be nice to know so that we can all get behind him and follow his progress as it’s happening.

Or maybe, like we said, this is just a bloke from Blighty called Terry Smith. In which case, good on you Terry! Go on, Son!

One way we can all be sure is to track down every Terry Smith in the country and check. So if you’re a Terry Smith, or know of a Terry Smith, or live near to or work with a Terry Smith or have ever been involved with a Terry Smith then get in touch with us here and we’ll cross you off our Terry Smith list. If at the end of all this there is one Terry Smith unaccounted for then we reckon this has to be our Guy! Job’s a good ‘un, chief!

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