MiClimate – the wearable air-con unit for bikers (yep, it’s real…).

No, we’re not making this up. This is called MiClimate and it’s a USA company that’s developed what it calls ‘personal air conditioning’ that’s aimed at motorcyclists.


The system has been developed to be worn on the belt and weighs in at 1.5lbs, it has directional vents so a rider can direct the cooling air wherever they want under a jacket as they ride.

Developed in Phoenix, Arizona the project has already broken it’s $20,000 fund call on crowd-funding website Indiegogo (this thing is up to $30,300 already). MiClimate says that the unit can either take 10 degrees off the ambient air temperature or add 20 degress to it on cold days.

It can be powered directly from the bike’s 12v system or by a rechargable battery pack (good for four hours of operation, it’s claimed). it also has a bluetooth handlebar remote so that you can dial in your ideal temperature easily on the move.


We’ve got the promotional video below, to find out more about the project you can find it at: www.indiegogo.com.


Tony Carter

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