Video: Cops let stunt rider loose on their bike – on the road…

2016-07-12 10_05_18-Impressing the cops - YouTube

So you get pulled over and the cop says ‘Tell me why you were riding like that… do you think you’ve got control of your bike when you ride like that?’


Let’s face it, you’re pretty much toast. Unless you’re in China. Shanghai to be exact.

There, the bike cops are pretty much all into their stunting and – given the chance to see a non-cop do some cool stuff on a badged-up cop machine – they take any opportunity they can get to get some cool pics and videos of one of their bikes being spanked.

2016-07-12 10_04_12-Impressing the cops - YouTube


This video has hit big numbers in China and as far as we can tell, nobody seems to complain about the cops loving this (and we’re not either). Rock on, crazy Chinese cops loving the stunting. We salute you.

Here’s the video:

Tony Carter

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