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Check out this video (below, at the bottom of the article) that’s appeared allegedly showing a member of Kent police setting up a stinger for potential use on motorcyclists.

The accuracy of the video can’t be verified but it was posted onto various Facebook sites last week and we figured we’d show you this footage. Kent police has said that the device was not deployed on the road and that there was ‘no intention to deploy it’.


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In the video several motorcyclists are clearly agitated about a stinger system – a row of tyre-deflating spikes set out on a retractable platform that is put in the way of a vehicle as it travels on the road – which they claim the police officer in the video was going to use on motorcyclists.

Whilst the actual motive of the officer for having the stinger system out of his car cannot be directly determined from the video, the officer in the film can be seen packing the stinger away and leaving the scene once the motorcyclists begin questioning him.


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A description posted under the video of what happened on the A20 London Road outside the Oakdene Café in Wrotham, Kent, says:

“Wednesday at the Oakdene Café, has by tradition, been bike night for many years.


“Many bikers congregate for a cuppa and a bacon sarnie and a good old ‘chinwag’ to swap stories, arrange shows, organise charity events and generally enjoy each other’s company.

“Sometimes you get the odd herbert that likes to have a moment of madness, but generally it’s a good natured event.

“However, the road passing the cafe is a 50mph limit, and this copper decided it would be a good idea to have a stinger ready, to catch any bikers that decided to exceed the local speed.”

During the video interaction, the bikers attending can be heard asking the officer if he was going to use the stinger on bikers, they then point out that if that is the case then such an action could cause a serious accident. One person in the film points out that ‘even at 30mph it would mean game over’.

A spokesman from Kent Police said: “At 8.22pm police received reports of dangerous driving on London Road, Wrotham and officers were on the scene to ensure public safety.

“A stinger device was not deployed or put on the road at any time, and there was no intention to deploy it. This was simply a visual deterrent to prevent any unlawful activity.

“Kent Police will not deploy stingers on vehicles with less than four wheels except in exceptional circumstances, which are based on threat posed to the rider or the general public.”


2016-07-13 09_02_42-Stingers used on bikers_ - YouTube

The officer doesn’t appear to respond to the questions but packs the stinger away and drives off.

2016-07-13 09_03_08-Stingers used on bikers_ - YouTube

Whilst there seems to be no officially-published guidelines from  as to the useage of stinger systems by officers from Kent Police Force, we have found that Cheshire Police Force has published its official guidelines on the use of stingers and is clear about what types of vehicle the device can (and can’t) be used on. Here’s what that force’s own document states, pay attention to note 1.4:

2016-07-13 08_58_59-https___www.cheshire.police.uk_media_1573_stinger-vehicle-stopping-device.pdf

What do you think to this?


Tony Carter

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