We’ve been sent these secret patent designs from inside Suzuki that show what the next generation of the big Suzuki Bandit is going to look like – and there are two big differences from the existing model.

Yep, we agree with you that at first glance of the side-on illustration and on the front-view of the bike in the drawings things don’t look all THAT different, but give your eyes a moment to adjust and you start to notice things.

Let’s break it down into the two main areas that are different (and noticeable) in as much as we can tell from what we can see. First up, it’s the forks.


In this drawing (below) you can see that the new bike gets OUT (outer upper tube) or upside-down forks, they are conventional-way-up forks on the current bike.

New Front End 01

Everything else about the bike looks pretty much the same as on the current 1250 (you can see the new dash – item 10 in the drawing above but it’s not a big deal), but there IS one very big thing that’s changed in such a way that it could be the making of the bike, for the next couple of years at least, and that’s the all-new fairing that’s radically wider than what went before.


Here, take a look. This is the front view of it. And no, it hasn’t been given a weird, perspective-friendly wide-angle look either. It’s THIS big:

New Front End 02




The reason for the change to the half-fairing is clearly outlined in another drawing from Suzuki. Here’s THAT drawing which shows how the new fairing works in the top drawing compared to the old faring in the bottom drawing:

New Front End 03

In it you can see how the air pocket created by the wider, more vented fairing closes around the rider, avoiding the buffeting that you get from the current fairing (the drawing shows how the air pocket closes just in front of the rider).

A large part of the new design centres around the headlight shoulders and that new widening continues out and down to the bottom of the fairing. There’s also new large vents under the lights to direct the air out and around the rider.

What do you think to this as the next step for the Bandit? Would this make you buy the bike (or even buy the bike again if you haven’t had one for a while?). Let us know because this design is from Suzuki itself and it’s happening.

New Front End 04




Tony Carter

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