AMAZING Video: When Facebook trash talking turns into a real race – winner takes all for £15,000 !

2016-07-21 09_07_56-The $20,000 Road RACiNG ❱❱ 2riders Trash talk in Facebook turns into street race

Ok, so this is dumb. But we had to show you. Because it’s dumb. And worth watching. The video is at the bottom of this page, so scroll down and hit play.


What’s happened here is a row that started on Facebook has turned into a real life, full-on road race with the winner pocketing £15,000 cash. Yep.

Mickey Mazo (with the camera fitted) and Romer Corbe decided to settle the internet row they were having with an in-real-life race.

2016-07-21 09_09_45-The $20,000 Road RACiNG ❱❱ 2riders Trash talk in Facebook turns into street race


The race took place somewhere in Asia, it was illegal and judging by some of the lines taken and how they were racing, it was a proper, real grudge match. Holy moly…

The race had created a lot of interest on the net beforehand, so much so that a lot of people came out to watch it and you can see pockets of ‘fans’ cheering on the riders from the side of the road.

Mental. But we bet you watch this video twice.

Tony Carter

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