Video: How to play Pokemon Go on a motorcycle (yes… really… )

2016-07-22 09_11_50-How to play Pokemon Go on a MOTORCYCLE !! - YouTube

Ok, so we all knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, and here it is – how to play Pokemon GO on a motorcycle.


It was pretty inevitable that someone out there made a video showing you how to do it.

But we can’t work out if this video is serious or so tongue-in-cheek that it’s a work of genius. Honestly, if we knew then we could make the call about putting it up on here, so we’re going to hedge our bets and say it’s tongue-in-cheek. Otherwise we have to accept the fact that some people out there are using their motorcycles to hunt Pokemon. And that is the start of the end of the world…

Anyway, here’s the video. Make your own mind up about the validity of it and let us know what you decide.

Tony Carter

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